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Jane Williams, Oil and Gas Industry's #1 trainer

Our instructors are the best selected trainers in the industry to help your organization meet corporate goals in training your staff. We have the best resources to help you find the right fit for your oil and gas training needs.

We LOVE the challenge to help you become industry leaders.

Instructor Led Training

Open enrollment courses are offered during the year in various locations around the U.S. Most courses will be held in Dallas, Texas at the Atmos Energy Training Center. Great opportunity to get hands on experiences with various metering equipment and measurement tools. All led by the best industry trainers.

Customized Training

We work with many clients at their facilities utilizing their equipment to train how to effectively and efficiently do the job right to maximize the corporate bottom line. We can also include your company's SOP's to make the training momre effective for the employee. What more can we say - it is Customized to meet your educational and training requirements. Talk with us about your specialized needs, we love the challenge to help you become industry leaders.

On Demand/ Web Based Training

OnGT offers the same course material online as found with the instructor led courses that are offered. The advantages to the online web based are several:

  • Offered 24/7 - one can access around the clock, anywhere, anytime
  • No travel is required
  • Student learns at their own pace

Course material is designed to be engaging, interactive and fun. The student will find themselves challenged yet so engaged they will forget they are learning. Call us to learn more about this program.

Natural Gas Measurement

This is a 4.5 Day program for $2250.00

The attendee will leave the class confident in the proper methodologies to measure and account for natural gas. Proper measurement techniques have a direct impact on the cash register for the industry.

You will learn:

  • How metering installations can affect the quantity and quality of gas measurements
  • How gas chromatographs determine the gas composition and quality
  • How to properly sample natural gas
  • How the measurement calculations are performed
  • How gas chemistry and gas laws influence gas measuremet
  • Pros and Cons of the various gas meter options
  • How gas goes to market

Liquid Volume Measurement

These are a 4.5 Day programs for $2250.00

Proper measurement techniques have a direct impact on the cash register for the industry. As the attendee advances through the three various Liquid Measurement training course levels, their confidence and knowledge will increase.


Introduction Course

You will learn:

  • How measurement is affected by physical properties
  • Proper gauging techniques for tanks
  • Operational theory of meters and their installation requirements
  • Meter proving process and calculations
  • Sampling best practices and quality determinations
  • How oil goes to market

Intermediate Course

You will learn:

  • Installation & operational requirements for automatic tank gauging technology (ATG's)
  • Liquid flow metering systems & their design criteria
  • Design of meter proving systems
  • Quality determination using dynamic sampling
  • Basics of loss control analysis

Advanced Course

You will learn:

  • Optical methods for tank calibration
  • Gauging & calculations for large tanks
  • Volume determination for rail and marine cargos
  • Calibration techniques for meter provers
  • Proper installation & performance of densitometers

Production Operations

This is a 4.5 Day program $2050.00

You will learn:

  • Principles of Pump Operations
  • Oil Measurement Overview
  • Gas Measurement Overview
  • Water Treating and Injection
  • Fired Vessel Safety and Operations
  • Vapor Recovery Units
  • Well Testing and Allocation

Tank Gauging

This is a 1 Day program $2050.00

You will learn:

  • Basic Atmospheric Tank Calibration
  • Calculation Tank Tables
  • Tank Measurement Equipment
  • Tank Measurement Methods
  • Tank Volume Calculations