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Jane's Industry Involvement

Jane Williams top oil and gas industry trainer

API (American Petroleum Institute)

  1. Past Chairman of API COGFM (Committee on Natural Gas Fluids Measurement)
  2. Past Chairman of API Allocation Working Group
  3. Active member of API COGFM (Committee on Natural Gas Fluid Measurement), COLM (Committee on Liquid Measurement), CPMA (Committee on Production Measurement Allocation)
  4. Current Chairman of API MPMS Chapter 14- Natural Gas Measurement Section 3-Concentric, Square-Edged Orifice Meters Part 2- Specification and Installation Requirements
  5. Active Member of API MPMS Chapter 14-Natural Gas Measurement Section 1-Concentric, Square-Edged Orifice Meters, Part 1, General Equations and Uncertainty Guidelines
  6. Active Member of API MPMS Chapter 14-Natural Gas Measurement Section 1-Concentric, Square-Edged Orifice Meters, Part 3, Natural Gas Applications
  7. Active Member of API MPMS Chapter 14-Natural Gas Measurement Section 1-Collecting and Handling of Natural Gas Samples for Custody Transfer
  8. Past Member of API MPMS Chapter 20-Allocation Measurement Section 1-Allocation Measurement
  9. Past Member of API MPMS Chapter 21-Flow Measurement Using Electronic Metering Systems Section 1-Electronic Gas Measurement
  10. One of three authors of API MPMS Chapter 10-Sediment and Water Section 4-Determination of Water and/or Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method (Field Procedure) Second Edition

ISHM (International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement)

  1. Principal Advisor for International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
  2. Past General Chairman of International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
  3. Past Executive Chairman of International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement

GPA (Gas Processors Association)


  1. Reponsible for the design, construction and installation of the topsides (the processing of the oil and gas, structure, all equipment selection, electrical, safety for the world's first production spar platform

Let's Meet Jane

Jane Williams, P.E. - has over 40 years in the petroleum industry.

Jane is a mechanical engineer with knowledge she enjoys sharing with others. She is now a training specialist teaching various liquid and gas measurement schools and production oriented classes. She teaches customized courses for companies incorporating the company's standard operating procedures into the measurement training upon request.

Professional Experience

Jane Williams has a wealth of experience in many areas of oil and gas production and measurement. This experience covers multiple aspects of producing oil and natural gas, and is both field and technical in nature. She has a unique ability to explain engineering concepts in easy to understand ways for field personnel to understand. Due to the amount of time she has spent in the field she relates well to those who work in the field. For example, when a compressor did not perform as anticipated, Jane assisted in the tear down and maintenance of the machine. She routinely assisted the field in determining the proper clearance needed for the most efficient operations or suggested cylinder changes. Similarly, Jane suggested a coating be used on the impellers of an Electrical Submersible Pump in order to attempt to extend the life of the pump. The ESP was operating in harsh conditions due to sand production, which caused rapid pump failures. Jane found a coating that she believed would extend the life, and set up a trial. She supervised the quality of the coating on each of the impellers, and was offshore for the installation of the modified pump. The modification quadrupled the life of the pump in that environment.

Jane was put in charge of developing a measurement organization for Sun Exploration and Production. She put in place the measurement group and trained all of the Measurement Technicians as well as the meter men within the company. She became active in the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 1980. She wrote the API MPMS Chapter 10 Section 4, Sediment and Water by Field Centrifuge standard with two other people in the early 80’s, which eliminated the use of the 12.5 ml and pear shaped tubes for custody transfer measurement. Jane spent a tremendous amount of time in the field training the lease operators throughout the company in gauging, sampling, gravity determination and proper sediment and water techniques.

Jane chaired the API Allocation Working Group when the original allocation standard was developed. Subsequently, Jane was asked to Chair the Committee on Natural Gas Fluids Measurement. During the time that Jane was chair, the new orifice metering standards, API Manual on Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 14 Sections 1,2, 3 and 4 were developed and published, based on the research which API and GPA funded. During the mid to late 1980’s, Jane championed the installation of electronic flow computers on the Sun E & P gas meter runs to record the data and perform field calculations of the volumes. The selection of the flow computer manufacturer was made after three separate field trials and discussions with other industry experts. Sun Exploration and Production Company was one of the first companies to replace all of their chart recorders. Jane spent extensive time in the field during the field trails, installation of approximately 2000 flow computers all installed within one year and training of the personnel. She was active on the original API MPMS 21.1 committee which developed the Electronic Gas Measurement Standard.

Jane also taught all the Measurement Technicians and the meter men within the company. She worked in the field with each of the Measurement Technicians at least one day a year, as well as assisting in the resolution of any difficult field problems encountered. She provided technical expertise in joint interest measurement audits both onshore and offshore.

Jane was the Project Engineer for the topside of the world's first production spar platform, which included the design, construction and installation of the topsides for the Oryx Energy Neptune Spar platform. She was the only full time engineer assigned to the $52 Million topsides, which included all structure and process equipment. This project required considerable contact with the MMS, U.S. Coast Guard, and American Bureau of Shipping and won the Offshore Technology Award. She was also responsible for several debottlenecking projects as production grossly exceeded design criteria. She also designed changes in the process to accommodate production from subsea completions and designed an offshore flowline to connect to subsea well to an existing platform. She was instrumental in the development of the Point Arguello Measurement Standards that included custody transfer and allocation measurement on high water content oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. She represented the company on several joint industry programs investigating wet gas measurement techniques as well as multiphase measurement and multiphase pumping technologies. Jane also represented Sun Exploration and Production Company on the Tulsa University Fluid Flow Project.

Jane has both a BS and MS in engineering and over forty years of oil patch experience.

Jane recognizes that many industry personnel, never really learned the proper techniques for effective installation, measurement and operations, or improving work performance techniques to use in the field. In the past, many of the oil and gas industry personnel have been taught or mentored by the employees they were replacing, who were also trained in a similar manner. After training with Jane, their improved knowledge and work performance has translated into higher corporate profitability.

Over time oil and gas industry has improved itself with such organizations as API - American Petroleum Institute, AGA - American Gas Association, GPA - Gas Producers Association providing standards for the industry today. Jane has been involved with ISHM- International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement for over 20 years working through all of the chairs of both of the General and Executive Committees and is currently a principal advisor. Jane has been and is currently involved in many committees developing the standards for the industry, as she volunteers her time and knowledge to give back to the industry she so loves.

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